The label Redroom

The major interest of the two designers of the Zurich based Label Redroom focuses on visual ruptures and material contrasts, on oppositions in colour and style and on supposed synthesis – sexy and timid, joky and stern at the same time. Often they seek inspiration in elements of historical époques, in non-western cultures or by daily street images, which they tend to re-invent, quote or, fuse with futuristic elements into a unique whole. To this technique, which Peter Heuss and Sara Kriesi call "associative sampling”, also belongs an often ironic use of design elements and cheerful experiments in terms of cut. The resulting collections show strong feminine accents while maintaining strikingly clear formal statements as well as unique contemporary elegance.

About the designers

The two Swiss designers Sara Kriesi (*1971) and Peter Heuss (*1964) work together since 1999 under their label Redroom. After her education as ladies tailor at the Haute Couture Atelier of Oskar Stocker in Zurich, Sara studied Fashion Design at the "Hochschule für Gestaltung” Basle. After further training at the office of trend scout Li Edelkoort and with the designers Isabelle Ballu and Moritz Rogosky in Paris, she was working as stylist and first assistant to Isabelle Ballu. She also worked as a free lance fashion designer for various clients.

After his studies in visual design and communication at the "Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst” in Zurich and further training at various design companies in New York, Peter worked as an assistant to Prof. Peter Jenny at the "Lehrstuhl für bildnerisches Gestalten” at the architectural department of the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich. For several years Peter has been working as art director for various design- and advertising agencies. Since 1995, he is working as an interdisciplinary creative consultant, designer and conceptionist for various companies, agencies and projects on free lance basis. He was responsible creative director for visual design, communication and product design of the Swiss national exhibition Expo.02.